R.S. Panjwani & Associates
Since 1983

PERSONALIZED FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION regarding Transfer of Property, Partition of Property, Criminal litigation, Property disputes, Succession Certificate, Power of Attorney, Issues with Property developers and ALL OTHER LEGAL matters.

It has been observed that NRIs have been suffering in availing quality legal services in India because of their mandatory physical absence, which leads to loss of momentum towards achieving common objective as client is away and unavailability of lawyer for discussion at important stages. Our legal services will ensure that your physical absence is not a hurdle in availing quality legal services even though geographical boundaries are existing.

We are working in the direction to eliminate all kinds of problems/complaints whatsoever the NRIs have been facing in availing quality legal services. Non matter which country or city you reside in, our team is well equipped to handle all kinds of litigations within state of Gujarat, right from Trial Court to Hon’ble Gujarat High Court.

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We are the pioneers, set up 17 years ago in the year 2000 as the first ever Legal Management Company exclusively for NRIs. Our purpose since our inception has been to offer a proactive, responsive and hassle free legal services to overseas Indians. We help them claim their inheritance or recover and restore their property rights in India.We are designed to cater to client effectively from long distance recognizing the inability for them to travel back and forth to India to pursue and supervise legal matters. The company which now has a global presence in almost all countries is also served by our state of the art online communication system designed and perfected over years. This is to handle a large volume of cases to maintain a steady contact and communication with our clients based out of India. Regular communication along with our through assessment and review before taking up a case is the hallmark of our 99% success rate in our resolution of matters.

We now have a group of razor sharp legal experts who over the years have been working dedicatedly for the NRI community. They have honed their skill to perfection by dealing with almost any and every situation that an NRI is likely face in India. This network of some of the best legal minds spans the length and breadth of India. We are now 400 plus lawyers in our growing tribe spread almost all over the country.

Fearlessly ethical and scrupulously honest in our approach towards our trusting clients, we fight to get them justice for their rights. Armed with experience and dogged determination we work hard for reclaiming their disputed properties. Each enquiry is understood for deficiencies and what it needs, to be fit for filing as an authentic claim under the appropriate court of

law or any Government body. Those with irreparable damages like rights permanently damaged, bad on limitation etc are informed to the client as not worthy of being pursued. This saves the client precious time and money. This all important initial free legal consultation with a full fledged document review sets us apart as being a transparent and well meaning team of legal professionals.

Even though everyone has a right to fair trial, our company chooses only those cases in which NRIs have been victimized. This could be due to either their absence or reposing blind trust or lack of knowledge of the Indian system. In other words we are always on the side of getting justice reinforced. Once we are engaged, we go the whole way to fight for justice.

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